Webmasters Get Money From Their Own Card Processing Company and the System Is Even Viral

A few intelligent webmasters are taking profits from their own card processing company and since the system is viral, nobody knows where it will all end! It’s safe to say multimillionaires will be created using this patented system. A banner ad here and a text link there is all it takes.

Lots of webmasters are going to be caught with their pants down because they erroneously believe the software will cost them a fortune but the unbelievable fact is it’s all free. No fees to join, no maintenance costs and no hidden charges anywhere! It’s just 20% cash for affiliates and business owners pure and simple.

An award-winning card processing company decided to do away with hiring agents to contact business owners and turn it over to the public domain where the system could go viral. Because there are no fees ever, all card processing equipment remains in place, card processing rate remains the same and a 20% commission is returned on new and existing accounts so it becomes a no-brainer.

Although that small enticement is enough to cause a riot among business owners, it really pales when you consider the system is viral. Once you join, simply post your company provided banner ads with your ID embedded and when the next business joins you get a 20% commission from his processing cost also.

Lesser amounts of commissions are offered as your down line tree grows to infinity but it’s never less than 2.5%. After the initial shock and awe of this system allows your brain to reorganize you invariably ask what’s the catch and the answer is there isn’t any except one little detail.

To enroll in the program you must be processing $5000 in credit, debit or e-check funds but there is no top end limit. But to get around this obstacle you can enroll as an affiliate and still profit all the way down to infinity. Somewhere down the line any business that processes over the 5K minimum can be chosen as your “partner” and they will receive 10% of your entire down line affiliate commission.

It’s not taken from your commission but added to the one business you are allowed to partner with. If you are bringing in $100,000 a month in commissions your one partner business will receive $10,000. It’s an incentive to have businesses begging “pick me” for your partner.

While you’re still scratching your head wondering if it’s not a very good processor you’ll be happy to know that in 2010 they won numerous awards for their advanced technology and new security programs which made them a leader in the processing field.

So Mr. Webmaster, if you need a little pick me up for your site, getting money from your own card processing company is one way to do it but be cautious of this viral system because it could cause your server to crash! But then, with all the money you’ll have coming in you can always get a new state-of-the-art server.

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