About Us

Our Creative Web Gallery

The creative web gallery is an investment in your skills as a professional website designer. When you put what you learn from us into practice – you will make more money on every website you do. Your clients will be pleased because they will see more results than just a pretty website. And when your web design clients receive more traffic because of your Web Design everybody wins.

Our Creative Web Gallery May Not Be For You

To put it plainly – Our creative web gallery wants to work with professional website designers and those currently enrolled in professional website design training programs. If you do not know the basic fundamentals of web design, this SEO Training is too advanced for you and you should start with the basics. Working knowledge of HTML, CSS, XHTML, and PHP are recommended prior to taking workshops, courses, or seminars with SEO Web Design Training.

Our Creative Web Gallery Is For You If:

  • You already run a successful web design firm.
  • You are studying to become a website designer and already know HTML, CSS, XHTML, and other code types needed for your work.
  • You are the website IT person for your corporation and you want to help your company rank better in the search engines for your industry.
  • You want to make more money from each website you do – forever.
  • You are ready to invest in the skillset needed to make that happen.