Make Money by Attracting Ezines and Webmasters to Your Articles

Attracting large numbers of ezines and webmasters is the cornerstone of success for any article marketing program. The more sites that publish your work, the more money you will make. If twenty ezines publish your article, it can get 20,000 page views. The question is, how do you entice these influential ezines. Use the following techniques to polish your article for these influential publishers.

Put all of your links in the resource box. Self-serving links in the body of the article is a definite turn-off for ezines and webmasters. Keep all of your links in the resource box.

Don’t try to load up your resource box with links from every affiliate you deal with. One or two well thought out links will serve you much better than four or five.

Do a thorough spelling and grammar check on your work. Most word processors come with one, make sure you use it. In addition, do a slow and careful proofreading of your article. Your spelling checker will identify the word “kite” as being spelled correctly, even though you intended to type the word “kit.” Only a thorough reading will find this kind of error.

Space your article by separating it into a number of different paragraphs. It makes it easier to read from the computer screen and creates less eye-strain.

Keep your personal life history to yourself. No one really cares where you went to school or how many kids you have. Stay focused on the core information that your article provides.

Provide targeted information rather than broad generalities. Unless it is a new concept, most people are not looking for broad generalities. They want specific details. Articles that explain the what, where, why, and how of a concept are much more widely distributed than articles than ramble on about generalities.

Most ezines and webmasters want to provide their readers with the best product possible. They want readers to come back next week and the week after that. With so many articles to choose from, ezines can afford to be choosy. Ezines and webmasters will choose the best article possible that minimizes mistakes and maximizes information. Provide a quality product that satisfies these goals and you may attract large numbers of ezines.

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