Lucrative Copywriting for the Web – Win-Win Situation for Both Writer and Webmaster

If you’ve been looking for ways to make money online just recently, there is no way you wouldn’t have noticed that there is a lot of information on web copywriting. Writers find copywriting for the web a profitable and easy way to earn extra money, while webmasters see it as a cheap and effective advertising vehicle for their websites. For both sides, web copywriting is a win-win situation.

* If you’re a writer:

Web articles are usually 500-600 words in length. That number is easy to produce; all you need is half an hour at the most. Although you’re expected to have good grammar and spelling, the writing style is conversational and casual. You do need to make research, but that’s easy to do because a lot of information you need can be found online. It is an easy task, and ou can get paid around $5 to $10 an article. It’s not a very big amount, but for something that you can do to while away your time, it’s worth its price.

* If you’re a webmaster:

Writing articles related to the topic of your site and submitting them to directories is one way to boost the traffic your site can generate. Your articles get maximum exposure in these directories, and that can even be heightened whenever other webmasters post your article, complete with your byline, to their own sites.

The secret lies in the resource box at the end of each article. The resource box contains information about you, your business/industry/expertise, and a link to your own website. If your articles get a lot of visibility online, your site’s URL gets that, too. This is why article marketing is such a popular choice among webmasters and online entrepreneurs. It is a very effective way to promote a website, and it hardly costs a thing.

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