Web Hosting – How To Choose The Right Provider For You

Thousands of companies, tens of thousands of different plans and only a few of them are really suitable for your web site and for your online needs.
This is what you are confronted with when choosing a web-hosting provider.

Nowadays being part of the informational revolution that the Internet has brought along, it is compulsory for a business and also for individuals. No need to explain here why having a web site out there on the World Wide Web is such a must, instead we’re only going to point out a few things related to choosing an adequate web host for your web site.
As complicated this entire business might seem, once you know what to look for, it’s really easier to find it.

Analyze your requirements and stick to them

When evaluating their needs in terms of space and bandwidth many inexperienced web owners often buy more than they will ever need. As this is unbelievably common, many web-hosting providers size their web servers taking this into account and actually over sell the space and bandwidth thinking that customers will never make full use of it. To avoid web hosts that result to just that or crowed their web servers to get an extra profit per customer, simply ask them their client per server ration. As a diligent buyer, you should do this with all the other companies you find interesting to do business with and are eligible to host your web site.

A web site is almost like a living creature. It grows. So try to leave some room for it, don’t just buy a web-hosting plan that will fit your needs just perfectly. Buy a little more so when the time comes to expand you would have the resources available. Think of the possibility that your initial bandwidth evaluation proves itself insufficient. You might find yourself in the position not to be able to use your web site because you have exceeded your bandwidth. So leave margin for error too.

Most web hosting plans come packed with features and some even offer pre-installed scripts and programs that might come handy for both knowledgeable and less knowledgeable web owners.

As you could consider any extra feature a plus, don’t forget to look for the things you actually need like the OS (Operating System) or the PHP support. You decide what you need, don’t let the provider talk you into something you don’t want or is less than you have expected.

Support – can you get enough of it?

Support is something you might overlook when you consider an offer that suits you in terms of space and bandwidth and is packed with all the other features you will ever going to need. It might be good to understand that the road to all those features goes through Support city. If the web-hosting provider is careless about the support he offers to his customers, any technical problem concerning your web site could be solved only after long hours of waiting and making plenty of irritating support calls.

To test the quality and the responsiveness of the support personnel, e-mail them some pre-sales questions. Is the response fact enough for you? Imagine that your web site is down and your company is just attending a congress… many clicks are expected, but is your web site online to get them? Is the response you are getting from the support team thorough or is it merely scratching the surface? Is the response easy to understand for you?

A provider concerned about the quality of his support, would make available as many as possible ways to communicate with its clients. So find out as much as you can about its online support staff, help desk, message boards etc.

Information on the reputation of a web-hosting provider is something you might find on forums or discussion boards. Any disgruntled customers there? Would you like to be one?

Reliability is another aspect of the problem. Ask for the uptime of the company’s web servers. Some hosts offer an uptime guarantee, usually 99.9% (100% is not a realistic figure in the computer world). The guarantee means that if your web site is not available 99.9% of the time, you will be refunded the money for that month or you will receive free web hosting for a month as compensation for your web site being unavailable.


Well, true it’s paid web hosting and this means you have to pay for it. My advice would be don’t try too hard to find the cheapest possible web host. You will probably end-up wasting an incredible amount of time and is very likely that within two weeks after you have bought it, you will stumble upon a better deal. Apart from the irony of it and the loss of time, cheaper is not always better.

The other extreme, paying big money to get what you could have gotten for less is equally bad. At $50 for 200 MB of space with 2 GB of bandwidth you are definitely getting robbed, but the same service for $5 or $10 is a good deal.

The thin line between a profitable and, why not, enjoyable web presence and a nightmare with slow server response, unreachable support and irritating server downtime is drawn by you. By you choosing the web-hosting provider.
Choose carefully: there can be only one a few that will live up to their promises and deliver for you good quality web hosting.

Items To Avoid By All Means When Searching For Contact Management Software

When starting a business, one of the most important things that you will need to have is great software that can keep track of all of your employees and also your customers and prospects. If you have been searching online for such software you have probably came across a kind of software called Contact Management Software, or CRM for short. This software will allow you to manage multiple items, such as: leads, customers, orders, sales reps, contact information, marketing, schedules, follow up dates, communication, etc.

This article is written with the intent so that you can select that best CRM for your business. Not all Contact Management Software are created equal so keep an eye out for detail before you fork over a down payment or subscribe to a monthly fee of any kind.

Top 6 Contact Management Software To AVOID AT ALL COST

1) The kind that use an online based software: Using a CRM that is based on line is one of the most dangerous things that you can be doing because you are completely out of control of the situation. Let me explain. If your Contact Management Software is based online, the moment that the company that sold you the software goes out of business, or changes their direction for the future, then your CRM is a toast. Which will mean that all of your work inside of the CRM will be gone as well. Look for a Contact Management Software that you can use directly on your windows desk top, independent of the internet.

2) A Contact Management Software that has a limit on how many clients you can import or have in the system: using a system of this nature to run your company is business slavery. Imagine purchasing a CRM and then come to find out that it can only hold 1,000 contacts. Once you reach that limit, you can not just “upgrade”, but will have to purchase another CRM. Which means that you are going to have to run your business off of two software. Make sure that the Contact Management Software that you are working with has unlimited amounts of contacts and imports available.

3) That Doesn’t Have The Ability To Communicate Directly With Your Prospects & Clients Within The Same System: When looking into a CRM make sure that is has e-mail capabilities integrated into the software. Meaning, that if you want to send an e-mail or fax to someone you can do so at a click of a button. This is powerful because now you can send and receive e-mails from your clients and prospects all within the same system. Instead of relying on a third party system OUTSIDE of your Contact Management Software.

4) That Doesn’t Have The Ability To Prospect & Market Your Product or Service Through Your Contact Management Software: what good is a software that doesn’t help you to acquire more clients and help you to make more money? Any kind of CRM that doesn’t help you do that is a software that your business can do without. A great Contact Management Software will allow you to work directly with your social media audience. It will allow you to extract leads on line through a lead extractor. In short, make sure that the CRM that you are using has major marketing features.

6) That Doesn’t Have The Ability To Conduct Surveys: The last thing that you want to do is conduct a business without knowing what your customers are thinking. One of the best ways to find out what your customers are thinking is through conducting surveys. The Contact Management Software that you use should have this feature integrated inside, that way you can conduct surveys directly through your CRM.

There are literally dozens and dozens of items that you should avoid when selecting your Contact Management Software. Just make sure that you get all this information BEFORE you pay for the system. That way their are no surprises after you purchase the software.