Webmasters Get Money From Their Own Card Processing Company and the System Is Even Viral

A few intelligent webmasters are taking profits from their own card processing company and since the system is viral, nobody knows where it will all end! It’s safe to say multimillionaires will be created using this patented system. A banner ad here and a text link there is all it takes.

Lots of webmasters are going to be caught with their pants down because they erroneously believe the software will cost them a fortune but the unbelievable fact is it’s all free. No fees to join, no maintenance costs and no hidden charges anywhere! It’s just 20% cash for affiliates and business owners pure and simple.

An award-winning card processing company decided to do away with hiring agents to contact business owners and turn it over to the public domain where the system could go viral. Because there are no fees ever, all card processing equipment remains in place, card processing rate remains the same and a 20% commission is returned on new and existing accounts so it becomes a no-brainer.

Although that small enticement is enough to cause a riot among business owners, it really pales when you consider the system is viral. Once you join, simply post your company provided banner ads with your ID embedded and when the next business joins you get a 20% commission from his processing cost also.

Lesser amounts of commissions are offered as your down line tree grows to infinity but it’s never less than 2.5%. After the initial shock and awe of this system allows your brain to reorganize you invariably ask what’s the catch and the answer is there isn’t any except one little detail.

To enroll in the program you must be processing $5000 in credit, debit or e-check funds but there is no top end limit. But to get around this obstacle you can enroll as an affiliate and still profit all the way down to infinity. Somewhere down the line any business that processes over the 5K minimum can be chosen as your “partner” and they will receive 10% of your entire down line affiliate commission.

It’s not taken from your commission but added to the one business you are allowed to partner with. If you are bringing in $100,000 a month in commissions your one partner business will receive $10,000. It’s an incentive to have businesses begging “pick me” for your partner.

While you’re still scratching your head wondering if it’s not a very good processor you’ll be happy to know that in 2010 they won numerous awards for their advanced technology and new security programs which made them a leader in the processing field.

So Mr. Webmaster, if you need a little pick me up for your site, getting money from your own card processing company is one way to do it but be cautious of this viral system because it could cause your server to crash! But then, with all the money you’ll have coming in you can always get a new state-of-the-art server.

Quick Tips To Get You Through Your Newbie Webmaster Days

Are you tired of the kids asking the neighbors for dinner because you are stuck online all day?

Is your spouse wondering whether you are going to marry the computer?

Do you only eat what can fit on the side of the desk next to the mouse??

No one said that starting out online was easy. Especially for those who stay at home. Some days you don’t think that you will ever figure out how to handle life online and offline?

You are not alone. We all wish there were more hours available every day to finish everything, but since it doesn’t work that way, you have to come up with some tips to help you manage those first months of being a webmaster and publisher.

Quick Tips

Stop Getting Caught Up In Your Email And Finish Your Work. Yes the emails look interesting, but what about your work? What pays you more, your work or reading emails?

Think, And I Mean This, Think Before You Pull Out Your Credit Card.

If it seems like that money is just burning a hole in your pocket, resist the urge to spend on things you don’t need. Do you need that expensive list host when your list is small?

Do you need that expensive software when you can find the same quality in a free version?

Do you need to buy all the ebooks out there? What about saving your money for promoting your products or services, or your monthly hosting fees?

Organize Yourself

Is your work in the same pile as your children’s toys? Make a space in your home for your office. Even if you can’t dedicate an entire room to your office, clear off a section of a room for your office, and make sure everyone else in the household knows this.

Is This Your Day??

6 am

Wake up, Get the kids ready for school

6:15 am

Of course you turn on the computer ( if you ever turned it off from the night before!)

6:30 am

It dawns on you. Just how many affiliate programs did I sign up for yesterday? I don’t even remember the product I am supposed to be selling but I remember the 50% commission, so hey why not??

7 am

Kids are at school, spouse is on their way to work and you are in front of the computer ready to work. You start checking your email and then…

9 am

You are still caught up in your email. You don’t even remember what you were supposed to do in the first place. Hey isn’t it time to eat. Now what do I eat??

The Webmaster’s Breakfast

( Anything that can fit on the side of the desk next to the mouse!)

Coffee ( a must)

Water or Juice ( while you are waiting for your coffee to cool)

Bagels, Pop Tarts, Toast, a Sandwich Anything that is bite sized and can be held without a fork!

Don’t worry, all experienced webmasters know how to juggle plates of food on their laps while typing away. Give it a few months, it’ll come to you.

The Webmasters Lunch

The same thing you had for breakfast, just reheated and you are now on your fifth cup of coffee.

By the time you have eaten, your ISP is down. You and the ten million other customers who share the same dial up number are out of luck for the next two hours.

Okay your ISP is back up. Now in the mean time did you do any work? You don’t have to be connected to the Internet to do everything.

Well you better do something before your children get home and tell you the one phrase you hope you never have to hear especially when you are on a deadline

“So Mommy / Daddy, what does this button do..??”

Crash. Your computer is down for the rest of the day…


Write down your daily goals.

Answer emails from customers.

Processing sales accordingly.

Update at least one page on your site.

Gather some new and interesting information for your ezine.

Jot down some ideas for an article.

Set some ground rules in your home and your business so everyone fully understands what you are trying to accomplish and that there are no hidden surprises.

The list goes on and on.

The fact is that it doesn’t get any easier, but it is up to you to decide what battles you want to tackle every day.

There is more time wasted thinking about your goals than the time you spend achieving them.

In the long run, you will see that computer errors and household errors are a part of life but also an excuse to not finish what you started.

Just a quick reminder to let you know you are not alone.

But you may realize that the only person stopping you from your goals is YOU.

Tips for the Webmaster Preparing a Site for an Affiliate Program

An online business can be difficult to maintain without proper marketing. The World Wide Web is fast becoming crowded, and the online marketplace is more a haven for noise than a virtual mall for shoppers. There are large companies with aggressive marketing campaigns that can drown out the efforts of smaller companies at getting heard. There are scams and schemes aplenty, all of them disguised as get-rich-quick strategies that may seem like miracles to naïve business people, until the methods backfire.

The World Wide Web, however, is not so dangerous a jungle as it seems. With the right marketing schemes, the right technical know-how, and the right website, you can earn money online. One such technique involves joining an affiliate program.

An affiliate program is simply a collection of businesses with the same aims, products, and services. All these businesses are clustered underneath a main affiliate, which markets its goods and services through advertisements posted on affiliate sites. These advertisements may be in the form of text, such as those found in Google’s AdSense affiliate program; graphics, such as those found in various banners posted online; and streaming media, such as music or video, that can give life to an entertainment or adult site.

Whenever these advertisements are clicked on, seen, or followed, and whenever the main site earns money or gets responses due to the efforts of its affiliate, the affiliate is paid a certain amount of commission. This referral scheme may make affiliate programs nothing more than online multi-level marketing schemes, but affiliate programs are different. Unlike multi-level marketing schemes, affiliate programs operate on only two tiers, and involve less effort at making sales.

Affiliate programs are simply about effective marketing. In this case, effective marketing can be carried out by posting advertisements that are provided by the main affiliate site. All the effort at marketing, however, cannot come from the main site. Your website must complement the advertisements, and you as webmaster must make sure that the website is prepared for affiliate marketing.

If you are a webmaster of a business website that wants to engage in affiliate marketing, take note of the following tips before you redo the layout of the site.

o Some affiliate programs will give you advertisements to post based on the density of keywords on your site. This can be easy if your site’s contents are already dense in keywords related to the business to which it caters. However, if you find that certain keywords are being misinterpreted, then you may have to re-engineer your site’s text to fit both search engine and affiliate program requirements.

o Examine the nature and look of the affiliate program’s advertisements. If you are allowed to change the look of the advertisements, or if you are allowed to add graphics or color to an advertisement you would otherwise deem as boring, then do so. However, do not make your advertisement box appear gaudy or overdone, as it can also cheapen the look of your website. Make sure that color schemes match, so that your customers will keep coming back to your site, and will click on the advertisements that you post.

o If the affiliate program will not allow you to tamper with the advertisements, then place the advertisements in a place where they will blend with the color scheme of the site, and where they will still be conspicuous enough to be noticed, visited, and clicked on. Do not place your text-rich advertisement next to text, or your graphics-rich advertisement side by side with other graphics.

o Your site has to be attractive and useful before your company plunges into any affiliate program. You must gather visitors and loyal customers before you can expect anyone to click on your advertisements. In web design, content is always king, so fill your website with useful text, perhaps with facts or tips that can help your website visitors. Make your layout attractive and easy to view.

o Tables add weight to a website file, and this can make your website load much longer on browsers. If you add advertisements, your website may take even a longer time to load, and your customers can be turned off. Instead of using tables, find a way to employ style sheets. These can lighten your HTML files and allow your prospective customers easier access to your website.

As a webmaster, you are confronted by the daunting task of making your website appeal to even more customers. If you follow these tips before making the affiliate program plunge, however, you can be sure that your efforts at affiliate marketing will truly bring profits to the company you work for.

Lucrative Copywriting for the Web – Win-Win Situation for Both Writer and Webmaster

If you’ve been looking for ways to make money online just recently, there is no way you wouldn’t have noticed that there is a lot of information on web copywriting. Writers find copywriting for the web a profitable and easy way to earn extra money, while webmasters see it as a cheap and effective advertising vehicle for their websites. For both sides, web copywriting is a win-win situation.

* If you’re a writer:

Web articles are usually 500-600 words in length. That number is easy to produce; all you need is half an hour at the most. Although you’re expected to have good grammar and spelling, the writing style is conversational and casual. You do need to make research, but that’s easy to do because a lot of information you need can be found online. It is an easy task, and ou can get paid around $5 to $10 an article. It’s not a very big amount, but for something that you can do to while away your time, it’s worth its price.

* If you’re a webmaster:

Writing articles related to the topic of your site and submitting them to directories is one way to boost the traffic your site can generate. Your articles get maximum exposure in these directories, and that can even be heightened whenever other webmasters post your article, complete with your byline, to their own sites.

The secret lies in the resource box at the end of each article. The resource box contains information about you, your business/industry/expertise, and a link to your own website. If your articles get a lot of visibility online, your site’s URL gets that, too. This is why article marketing is such a popular choice among webmasters and online entrepreneurs. It is a very effective way to promote a website, and it hardly costs a thing.

Make Money by Attracting Ezines and Webmasters to Your Articles

Attracting large numbers of ezines and webmasters is the cornerstone of success for any article marketing program. The more sites that publish your work, the more money you will make. If twenty ezines publish your article, it can get 20,000 page views. The question is, how do you entice these influential ezines. Use the following techniques to polish your article for these influential publishers.

Put all of your links in the resource box. Self-serving links in the body of the article is a definite turn-off for ezines and webmasters. Keep all of your links in the resource box.

Don’t try to load up your resource box with links from every affiliate you deal with. One or two well thought out links will serve you much better than four or five.

Do a thorough spelling and grammar check on your work. Most word processors come with one, make sure you use it. In addition, do a slow and careful proofreading of your article. Your spelling checker will identify the word “kite” as being spelled correctly, even though you intended to type the word “kit.” Only a thorough reading will find this kind of error.

Space your article by separating it into a number of different paragraphs. It makes it easier to read from the computer screen and creates less eye-strain.

Keep your personal life history to yourself. No one really cares where you went to school or how many kids you have. Stay focused on the core information that your article provides.

Provide targeted information rather than broad generalities. Unless it is a new concept, most people are not looking for broad generalities. They want specific details. Articles that explain the what, where, why, and how of a concept are much more widely distributed than articles than ramble on about generalities.

Most ezines and webmasters want to provide their readers with the best product possible. They want readers to come back next week and the week after that. With so many articles to choose from, ezines can afford to be choosy. Ezines and webmasters will choose the best article possible that minimizes mistakes and maximizes information. Provide a quality product that satisfies these goals and you may attract large numbers of ezines.

Affiliate Marketing Support Helps Webmasters Earn Residual Income

The ability to earn a residual income online is easier than ever with affiliate marketing. Merchants employ the advertising expertise of webmasters to advertise their wares. In return the webmaster has a nearly unlimited potential to earn residual income.

Online businesses often receive poor reviews from people who simply don’t put the required effort into them. No business venture can succeed without some effort from the owner. Affiliate marketing is one of the few businesses that offer a nearly unlimited income potential.

Residual Income

The term “residual income” refers to money earned without direct involvement or effort. Affiliate marketing offers residual or passive income opportunities for marketers and merchants alike. Both parties benefit equally from single efforts.

The affiliate merchant creates a program that allows them to compensate webmasters who advertise for them. Webmasters who promote the products and services of a merchant for compensation are called affiliate marketers.

Maximize Your Affiliate Business Potential

The number of affiliate programs a single affiliate marketer can join is unlimited. The wise decision is to promote products and services with which they are familiar. To fully maximize the earning potential of an affiliate marketing business, one must be able to pre-sell.

Pre-selling techniques may include reviews, online community involvement or article marketing. Consumers head to the Internet for information about the products and services they buy. Create a website that answers their questions and convinces them to make a purchase by simply clicking your link.

Articles, forums, blogs and online communities allow marketers to spread the word about the products they promote while building relationships. People buy products from trusted companies and often purchase on the recommendation of a friend. Create online friendships and recommend products you promote without becoming a spammer.

Affiliate Marketing Support

Support comes in a variety of methods. Articles and other information written by successful affiliate marketers are great sources of information. Learn from others in your field and make the most of their information.

Affiliate merchants often create training materials and promotional tools. These tools are readily available from the members-only area of their website. Promotional materials and reporting tools are essential to the long-term success of any affiliate program.

E-mail Support: Merchants provide e-mail support for the marketers who promote their wares. Monthly, sometimes weekly, e-mails are sent to all affiliate marketers. These e-mails contain very important training information and promotional tools.

Training Courses: Some merchants offer full-length training courses for marketers looking for more in-depth information. Training courses cover every aspect of marketing approved by the merchant.

Interesting Quizzes: In effort to insure the marketer’s full understanding of training materials provided, some merchants require minimal scores on quizzes. Interesting quizzes created by the merchant’s marketing team guarantee that the marketer has read and understands the materials provided.

Promotional Materials: Marketing personnel employed directly by the merchant are responsible for keeping promotional materials updated. Through research and educated predictions, they discover the best links, banners and other promotional materials. They pass that knowledge along to affiliate marketers.

Reporting Tools: Quite possibly the most important part of any affiliate program is the array of reporting tools available. A successful marketer must be able to track impressions, clicks, leads, sales and commissions. Tracking every aspect of their marketing campaign allows them to make adjustments and improvements where needed.

These ideas should give you good starting point. Use your imagination and think outside the box to find other assets that will build your marketing arsenal.